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Virtual virtuosity is a deadly disease that first blinds adherents and then kills them morally.

America is in the throes of a monumental moral struggle. The recent and ongoing release of videos showing the barbaric evil that Planned Parenthood conducts as a matter of everyday “business” has shaken America like nothing in recent memory. Commentators from many different perspectives have offered their take on the monstrous actions of murdering babies in the womb in such a way that organs can be preserved for sale to a robust “after-market” of so-called research and medical facilities.

If you are reading this and support this radicalized evil then you already know my perspective based on the manner in which I describe Planned Parenthood’s practices. I used to wonder how an organization that is named Planned Parenthood could be singularly focused on murdering human babies and then I realized that the trick is in the name – a complete misdirection to fool or assuage the sensibilities of individual’s seeking their services.

By naming their evil practices Planned Parenthood, those involved in the grisly business of murdering babies in a mother’s womb can intentional deceive those who are considering murdering their own babies. But the human mind is not easily fooled in spite of how gullible people are. That is why a vast majority of women who murder their babies suffer shame and guilt for many years afterward. People can trick themselves into believing anything for a while but the conscience accepts no such lies and will deliver its message of truth consistently.

The recent uproar, what I call “virtual virtuosity,” a term coined first by writer and author Thomas Sowell, over the killing of a lion someone named Cecil is rich with irony and saturated with hypocrisy. The very same people who accept the evil and murderous activities of Planned Parenthood against human babies somehow become righteously indignant over the killing of an animal. They truly are living in a Twilight Zone of tormented imagination.

The supporters of Planned Parenthood and indeed all supporters of murdering human babies for any and every reason including most abhorrent for convenience, who are indignant about the killing of Cecil the lion by an American dentist have demonstrated once again that hypocrisy, irrationalism, illogical, and self-aggrandizing moral superiority knows no limits. But something else has happened as well. They have entered into a self-imposed blindness that will inevitably lead to moral death.

The blindness that has entered into the moral reasoning of individuals described above renders them unable to understand the significance of human life. Perhaps they have been blinded by Darwinian evolutionary falsehoods that claim humanity is the culmination of nothing more than time and chance and therefore not worthy of any special recognition above anything else in the universe. Of course the inconsistency in their moral position is exposed when they appeal to some kind of morality to oppose such things as bullying and implore society to esteem one another. On what basis does the individual who believes humanity is not significant above any other life form on earth oppose bullying? If individuals cannot be morally outraged about Planned Parenthood’s cannibalizing of human babies how can they experience moral outrage over the death of a lion?

Following Darwinian logic and teaching suggests we should all be bullies. If evolution is true then lions, tigers, and bears are all subservient to human survival. Likewise where does this idea of esteeming people come from? What is to esteem in humans if we’re all just cosmic accidents? Why would beings that have transitioned from the goo to the zoo to you be esteemed? We’re all on an evolutionary joy ride with no control over where we’re going or how we get there so where does this idea of esteem come from? If everything is subjective then everything is permissible. Moral outrage becomes a joke and a self-gratifying exercise that no one else should pay any attention to.

What this convoluted moral reasoning leads to is intellectual and moral death. Minds become darkened and clouded, devoid of any ability to hear or consider alternative ideas that challenge their own enlightened perspective. When people arrive at this state of mental reasoning they begin to look for ways to silence all opposition to their ideas, and they employ the engines of government and media to enforce their vision of reality and morality.

We see this stark reality in the rabid defense advanced by the enlightened ones among us of Planned Parenthood. The state of California as well as other government entities has begun to move in lock-step unison, issuing edicts that the videos exposing Planned Parenthood for the killing machine that it is are henceforth barred from further distribution upon the threat of government sanctioned penalties. The American media has done their part in orchestrating the vision of the anointed ones as well by refusing in large measure to report anything about Planned Parenthood’s grisly practices while simultaneously falling all over each other to see what outlet can run the most stories about Cecil’s “tragic” ending.

George Orwell once remarked that some ideas are so patently foolish that only an intellectual (one devoid of moral reasoning) could believe them.

The moral bankruptcy of Planned Parenthood and its defenders proves once again that Orwell was indeed a prophet. Professing to be wise, Planned Parenthood and its defenders show themselves to be fools.