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Hasn’t science already proven that the idea of a creator God is wishful thinking? After over 2,000 years what evidence can possibly be marshaled to make the case that the gospel writer’s accounts are trustworthy? Doesn’t atheism provide the best explanation for what we understand about life today?

For the first 35 years of his life Jim Wallace was a devout atheist. He found the claims of Jesus Christ and those of the gospel writers to be somewhat spurious. How could something that happened 2,000 years ago have any verifiable proof? Christianity in Jim’s mind was very much like his cold cases, puzzling and mostly dead ends.

But then one day Jim’s perspective was challenged and he began to consider the claims of Jesus Christ and the gospel writers in a different light.

In this episode of SER Jim Wallace discusses his faith journey, his realization that the evidence for the claims of Jesus Christ contained in the gospels is well beyond a reasonable doubt, and his new book, “God’s Crime Scene.”

Listen to this episode by clicking here.