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Jerry Robinson

If American citizens would have known beforehand what was inside the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP for short, Congress never would have had the courage to pass the fast track or Trade Promotion Authority which effectively gave President Obama a green light to present the TPP to Congress in the near future.

Why do I say this? Because there would have been massive demonstrations and a multitude of angry citizens descending upon congressional and senate offices demanding the Agreement negotiations be stopped immediately.

Instead Washington elites cloaked the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in secrecy and what little was leaked to the press was presented as a positive development for American job prospects and the economy. What Fast track actually did was handcuff the Senate and House of Representatives such that the only acceptable vote for the Trade Agreement will be a simple yes or no.

What is the likely impact upon the American job market of the Trans-Pacific Partnership? What do we need to know and what can we do now about the steady encroachment upon our life and liberty as Americans? Jerry Robinson joins me to discuss these questions and more on this episode of the Soaring Eagle Radio show.

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